Grupo Andreani en el mundo

Grupo Andreani in the world

GRUPO ANDREANI, through the Andreani family, has had an active presence in the economic life of Argentina and Latin America for more than 30 years.

Nowadays, within a framework of growth, GRUPO ANDREANI, is actively diversified in different up-growing and dynamic business sectors like iron-steel industry, construction, agro-industry, tourism and entertainment, enhancing its contribution to create wealth and jobs with permanent and sustainable environmental and social commitment.


With more than 30 years of experience in serving the oil and gas sector, GRUPO ANDREANI is now solidly positioned in industry sectors. With a record of installing more than 70 plants of various pipeline coatings, GRUPO ANDREANI has achieved unique technologies to protect steel pipes against corrosion and to thermally isolate oil and gas installations under the most critical conditions in the industry.

Steel Industry

Associated with Norway's Elkem world leader in the silicon-based alloys market, installed Paraguay's first electro-intensive factory to produce ferrosilicon. The new company uses electric energy from Itaipú, a hydroelectric power generator, local quartz and sustainable coal from Paraguay's eucalyptus plantations.


GRUPO ANDREANI is one of the market leaders in the production of olive oil in Argentina, with their plant located in San Rafael, Mendoza, with an annual production capacity of more than 1,500 tons of olive oil.



Balsamic Vinergar is produced with "Modena" traditional methods distributed in the Argentine and American markets, as the only one production site outside Italy. Under the well-known brands Yancanelo and Domenico Ranieri.

GRUPO ANDREANI with their Boutique Cellar, produce wines of excellence under the brand name of Umbro, with varietal grapes from their own 200 ha vineyards

Hotel Guaraní

Hotel Guaraní

Tourism and Entertainment

GRUPO ANDREANI, based on their excellent human resources and the natural, economic and geographic diversity of Latin America have the possibility to grow in the Tourism business, one of the most dynamic sectors world wide.

GRUPO ANDREANI with 5 Hotels, 10 Restaurants, 2 Conference Centers, 2 Entertainment salon and the largest Theater in Paraguay, is an important developer on the tourism and entertainment sector.