A sustainable project

The Plant

Aleaciones Yguazú will be the first electro intensive industry in Paraguay to use 100% local resources and raw materials in a sustainable way to produce ferrosilicon with high added value.

Why Paraguay?

In 2007, the Andreani Group began an analysis to take advantage of hydropower electricity in Paraguay. Paraguay consumes less than 10% of the energy it produces. Considering the large volume of charcoal and quartz in the vicinity of the Paraguay River and the good fluvial logistics, it was decided to face an Electrointensive Project for the manufacture of Ferrosilicon, to supply the iron and steel industries in Brazil and Argentina.


Where ferrosilicon is used:

  • Electrical steel (motors, generators, transformers etc.)
  • Carbon steel (railways, coils, plates, bars etc.)
  • Speciality steel (bearings, tools, tyre cord etc.)



  • Deoxidation (removing free oxygen)
  • Give the steel the desired properties, e.g.
  • Increase the steel corrosion resistance